Scott Joplin’s Treemonisha (1911), the “first” black opera. A new ethnoanthropological and musicological analysis

More than one century after its birth and its unlucky efforts to stage it properly, Scott Joplin’s complex and beautiful opera Treemonisha calls for a new, interdisciplinary critical analysis. African-American music needs to be viewed not only as a synthesis of oral and written sources, but also in light of how popular music and the […]

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New Art

Listeners’ perceptions of music changed during World War II and the Cold War owing to the political conditions. Musical styles of the nineteenth and twentieth century were appreciated by listeners whereas other alternative modern styles (serialism, punctualism, sonorism, aleatoric music, dodecaphony, contemporary alternative improvised music…) seemed obscure. Modernism has not been publicly accepted but postmodernism […]

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Between Cultural Alternative and Protest. On the Social Function of Jazz after 1945 in Central Europe (GDR, Poland, Hungary, CSSR)

The author deals with the meaning of the term “protest“during communism in Central European countries: GDR, Poland, Hungary and CSSR. The protest against authoritative regime has been manifested in different forms: from open form of resistance to all forms of internal opposition. The word “protest“ had hybrid character especially in jazz in these four Central […]

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Ambient sound and onomatopoeia in jazz

The defining feature of the harmonical component of contemporary jazz is sonority that underlines spatiality. In jazz, it first appeared in 1950s, mostly thanks to the progressive approaches of Miles Davis and his innovative principles based on the then-newly rediscovered modal music. In the continuum of jazz style transformations, a new trend appeared at the turn […]

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