Guns N’ Roses or just use illusions


The study analyzes the intersection of different styles of Guns N’ Roses, from hard rock to heavy metal to art rock. It brings a view of the band from the point of view of the use of symbols, characterizing them as part of the counterculture in controversial relations towards society, opinions and its traditional values. It tries to analyze Guns N’ Roses from aesthetic aspects, improvisational skills of the musicians and the inspiration of the older punk generation for re-studying the songs. The author evaluates individual albums in the context of rock history, musical genres and the popularity of individual melodies that have reached beyond the boundaries of the rock world. The conclusion provides an insight into the band’s current activities, complementing the latest knowledge associated with the comeback of the founding members of Guns N’ Roses, who became an important milestone for the future continuation and preservation of the traditional spirit of the world-famous musical group.