The variability of comprovisational methods of creating contemporary music


The contribution is focused on a probing, analytical interpretation of some musical works of the present day. The organic part of this creativity are various principles of composition, symbiotic complementarity of pre-composed and improvised areas resulting in the organic shape of the work. After introducing the issue, the author deals with musically disparate projects from various areas of the contemporary classical music, electronic and transgenre jazz as well as taxonomically difficult positions for explanation on the border between ethnic and improvised music – specifically, composers Anna Paluchová (Slovak Republic), Lucie Vítková (Czech Republic), Santa Bušsová (Latvian Republic) in the framework concept of New Dawn Vol. 2 – La femme armée of the musical ensemble EnsembleSpectrum (Slovak Republic), artistic tandems Jan Faix & Pavel Hrubý (Czech Republic), Michaela Antalová (Slovak Republic) & Adrian Myhr (Norway) and soloist Soheil Peyghambari (Iran).