Jazzrocková generácia na Slovensku


At the beginning of the 1980s the mainstream orientation of Slovak jazz predominated. In the second half of the 80s jazz-rock, fusion music and funky became dominant. Older representatives accepted some rhythmic and sound elements of jazz-rock, but their main field kept post bop tendencies, or soul and blues in bands such as: Esprit D. Húščava, Quartet of Ladislav Gerhardt and Combo of Peter Lipa, 1977 – 1986. After forming younger music generation begun a new era of jazz-rock and fusion music in Slovakia in a form of Bratislava Conservatory Big Band (1982), A´Conto (1985 – 1990), Alef (1986 – 1993), Adriena Bartošová and Scat, Ashband, Bossa Noha (1989 – 1995), Esprit Band (Pavol Kozma, 1983 – 1987), Boston Drivers (1990, Pavol Kozma), Madre, Stop Time, Trio Jakabčic – Burian – Jaro (1986 – 1991), Tamis (1980 – 1983) and Tutu (1989 – 1993). The article is describing the beginning of jazz-rock generation also in the vocal field represented by Peter Lipa, Adriena Bartošová and Bartolomej Balogh.