Manažérske pozadie šanzónovej hudby na Slovensku


Management of chanson represents an entirely different type of organization of music culture than is usual in other genres, since chanson is part of minor genres in Slovakia (minor genre is a Central European term; it refers to a quantitatively small group of listeners). We focus on its position among other genres in Slovakia and society, the current situation, the importance and status of chanson artists in society. We answer fundamental questions of music management such as protection of music rights, issues related to personal manager, medialization and form of presentation. The eminent personalities of this genre in Slovakia are: Hana Hegerová, Milka Došeková, Zoro Laurinc, Alena Čermáková, Szidi Tobias, Igor Šebo, Alena Zimanyová, Monika Stanislavová, Edita Moravská and others. Reception of chanson in Slovakia is then confronted with its current status in the Czech Republic. We refer to the practical relevance of these artists at home and abroad.