Klasicko-romantické a libidinózne tendencie v hitovej produkcii populárnej hudby


The article is focusing on aesthetics and music poetry of hit production in contemporary pop music. It is examining its specifics of expressions, music expression means, music forms and character of its reception. It is analyzing relationship between hit production and classical-romantic music language. Part of these studies is analysis and interpretations of selected examples of hit production of contemporary pop music, which is concentrating on specific elements of romantic music poetry and classical – romantic expression means.  In this research the following songs were analyzed: Zdenka Predná: When It Is Not Going, Paris Hilton: Stars Are Blind, Tina: I Know That You Will Say Yes, Desmod: It Will Burn Down All What I Have, Desmod: Someone Will Tell You Sooner Than Me, Nelly Furtado: All Good Things (Come To the End), Nelly Furtado: Say It Right and Peha: Renesainnance.