Predníci a ľudové hudby z Podpoľania


Author of the study „Fist fiddlers and folk music groups from the region of Popoľanie“ has put down knowledge pieces from his research in terrain in years 1998 – 2007. The exploration was focused mostly on the technique of variations of the 18 first fiddlers’ comming from different folk music groups and localities of the Slovak region of Podpoľanie. Embellishment of the simple traditional folk songs melody by using of grace notes is typical for first fiddlers in all regions of Slovakia.

First fiddlers from Podpoľanie are using typical style of playing called „vrchársky“ style, which is already more than 100 years old. It is known for his variable figures and grace notes as well called „cifra“. These are used with strict rules and were spread among musicians in the way of instrumental presentation, where the main role belongs to the stem musical tradition especially for the gipsy musicians. The second half of the 20th century was characterized by the stormy evolution of the Podpoľanie variation style of violin play. This happened with a contribution of recording technique and possibility for the musicians to play together in traditional folk ensembles and folklore festivals. Despite of these influences the traditional form remained untouched in villages of west and east part of the Podpoľanie region.