World music – produkt hudobného priemyslu, či svojbytný hudobný smer?


World music, since its wider penetration into the music industry (1980‘s), has been developing in several directions. World renowned universities offer world music study programmes, which are centered around ethnomusicological disciplines with a practical performing class focused on traditional folk music from all over the world. Music publishers, periodicals and radio stations understand this phenomenon, either as a modern syncretic music style, which enriches the original material by other ethnic styles of nonartificial music, or as a current way of expression of musical traditions. The resulting patchwork of the music production that is included in the world music category, however, always involves a few groups with characteristic features that are geared towards self-sufficiency regardless of the final commercial success. Therefore, it can be concluded that the world music represents an exceedingly attractive article. It ensures a commercial profit as an independent music style with a clear ideology – an innovation of a musical tradition.