Entertaining Music in Bratislava until 1938


At the end of the 19th century and at the beginning of the 20th century, Bratislava has been multicultural small city, which was gradually taking over many features of a big city entertaimnet up until 1938. Hungarian, German and Slovak music culture has been overlapped, but also cultures of other nations penetrated to the music such as Klezmer, Romani, Czech music and others. In this period dominated genres of brass music, music of promenade orchestras, chants of street parades, Gypsy music, saloon orchestras, cinema music, folk music and operetta in Bratislava.To these genres gradually penetrated entertaining music from big cities in the form of shimmy, two-step, one step, tango, charleston, rumba, cha-cha and jazz. In this multicultural environment, the first dance song had been created by D. Pálka-Š. Hoza: Don’t Tell Girl to Anyone.