Scott Walker, Postmodern Tendencies of His Poetics and Works


The author is dealing with six key words tied with a topic, which demonstrates indisputable importance of Scott Walker for world of music. One of them is conceptualism in the aesthetics of rock music as well as function and interaction of such terms as the relationship of the composer and the work, intertextuality, intersections of pop and classical music, intermediality and aesthetics of ugliness. The author presents in the character of Scott Walker the largest musical “chameleon” in the history of popular music; singer, composer pop, rock, classical and avant-garde music, composer of film music, song writer and poet who gives an exemplary work of progressiveness and syncretism in major artistic universe by his more than fifty years of musical career. With his personality and work we can demonstrate an example of the incoming “new” type of artist, dissatisfied, doubtful and unseized. His roots are based on popular culture; from times, even before the digital world of the mid-sixties, where the reflections of the composer and his work are moved to today’s fluid time. The chameleon is an animal that adapts to the environment by camouflaging; choosing different colors, but Walker tones changes his art eminently freely, freshly and unexpectedly. This study will talk about a story of courage, listening the voices of muses as well as insight of media and ability to articulate the deepest portions of the human being of the author and the recipient as well as inside the medium through which the dialogue between the two sides are pending.