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Jazzrock a fusion music na Slovensku

The syntheses of jazz and rock music in Slovakia have had their own specific development. This paper illustrates the historical development of Slovakian jazzrock and fusion music and its parallels and differences compared with such styles in the Czech Republic, world music and music of American provenance. The author aims to answer questions about the […]

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Publikované: Musicologica 1/2013, Rock pop jazz | Autor: | E-mail

Jazzrock a fusion na Slovensku

Je nám ľúto, táto položka je k dispozícii iba English. Abstrakty sú dostupné v angličtine.

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Jazzrock, funky a popjazz v slovenskej hudbe

The work deals with the development of jazz-rock style in Slovakia from the post-modern period to present times. It reflects possible views of its rise and concentrates on the sound in the work of individual musical groupings. It points to differences in understanding and interpretation of jazz-rock in its developing phases by doing musical theoretical […]

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