Editorial 1/2013

Dear readers,

The first jazz conference in Slovakia has been held in April 2013. Scholars from Slovakia, Italy, the USA, Canada, Austria, Germany, Poland, Macedonia and France  met in the friendly atmosphere. Since the official language of the conference was English we will gradually publish individual contributions from key lectures and discussion´s topics in Slovak so we can spread the new information  further. The first articles about Slovak jazz  are from such a renowned theorists as Yvetta Kajanová, Ľubomír Chalupka, Igor Wasserberger and postgraduate students of  Musicology Department at the Comenius University in Bratislava as Erik Dimitrov, Michal Baláž and Daniel Hevier.  At the end of this issue is a short reportage and a review from proceedings of the conference written by Miroslav Bachura, student of Musicology.

Yvetta Kajanová