Imagination, singing technique and natural singing in pop-rock music


The author studies the role of imagination and musicality in singing. The need of education of pop-rock singers is discussed in the light of the most often used singing styles in pop-rock music. Rock singers used to start their career as amateur musicians. However, they gradually began to employ particular vocal nuances that gave rise to unique vocal techniques. These were based on well-known vocal techniques (bel canto), enriched by the new approaches employed by the singers. Throughout the history of pop-rock music, several styles have risen – belting, speech level singing (singing with the mix), a number of throat singing styles (screaming, growling, shouting) and classical bel canto style. The techniques and their relevance in the historical development will be analysed on a particular set of examples (Eddie Vedder, Lenny Kravitz, Chris Martin, Mário „Kuly“ Kollár).