Female Singers in Slovak Pop Rock in the New Millennium


High-quality and inventive songs in themselves are not enough to guarantee success in rock music, the songs should also be loved by the listeners because quality and the interest of the audience are not always in line. However, if inventiveness and the value of the song are combined with their technically apt performance, a timeless recording may come into being. It is gratifying to see that there are high-quality female singers and male singers in Slovakia, who can sing technically well. They also include female performers. From among them, we have chosen Katka Knechtová and Zuzana Smatanová for analysis. Whether in the band Peha or in her solo albums, Katka Knechtová has always come up with something novel and modern. During her more than twenty-year career, her singing technique has gone through a significant transition. Her development is also a message for the younger generation that singing technique is very important because it opens up new possibilities for the singer. Zuzana Smatanová has gone through a similar development. As a self-taught musician, she has also turned to voice teachers in certain stages of her career. She understood that practicing and technique are important if she wants to come across as a professional singer on stage.