Ľudová hudba

Ľudová ansámblová hudba na Slovensku náčrt historickej a typologickej stratifikácie

This contribution theme is historical evolution of ensemble music in Slovakia, instrumental groups, whose function, repertoire and interpretation style are based on folk musical tradition. At the same time these ensembles were impacted by music of other social classes like Aristocracy and baronage as well as by urban environment. On the background of the main […]

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Globálna a lokálna hudobná kultúra

A region is a given geographical locality with a historical tradition and language.  It is questionable which Slovak regions, with the integration of countries into Europe, can be considered as independent cultural units.  Slovakia has been divided differently regarding musical history in the 18th and 19th centuries, authentic folk music culture, and differently again as […]

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Predníci a ľudové hudby z Podpoľania

Author of the study „Fist fiddlers and folk music groups from the region of Popoľanie“ has put down knowledge pieces from his research in terrain in years 1998 – 2007. The exploration was focused mostly on the technique of variations of the 18 first fiddlers’ comming from different folk music groups and localities of the […]

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K regionálnym rozdielom slovenskej ľudovej hudobnej kultúry na príklade tradície sláčikových združení obcí Zázrivá a Terchová

An example of regional differences in the traditional Slovak music culture is visible when comparing villages Zazriva and Terchova, which lie on the frontier of regions Kysuce and Orava. The current condition is a result of complicated evolution process. The people’s relationship to music in Terchova is so strong, that even after moving into different places […]

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Inštitúcie a súčasné formy tradičnej hudby detské folklórne skupiny maďarského etnika na Slovensku

The existence of kids’ folklore groups of Hungarian minority in Slovakia is directly determined by a sum of external factors, which are impacting the creation of such a groups, forming their profile and as well structure and character of their repertoire. Hungarian kids’ folk groups in Slovakia are mainly financially and by equipment supported by elementary schools […]

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Folklórne prvky v slovenskej populárnej hudbe z obdobia rokov 1977 – 1989

We are concentrating our attention on the history of Slovak popular music in the years 1977 – 1989 with focus on implementation of musical and non musical folklore elements into it. They have played an important role in forming of unique music style, which was significant for our official as well as underground pop music […]

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Ľudová hudba v obraze súčasnej doby médiá a domáce hudobné vydavateľstvá po roku 1989

This study covers the state of traditional folk music and classical European music as non commercial genres in a field of audio-visual media. Film, television and internet strongly influenced the taste of the consumer using the way of intensive propagation of commercially successful and economically perspective genre of pop music. This tendency however caused rapid decrease of […]

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