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Proces vzniku nového titulu albumu

The article depicts the publishing of new music titles – albums on CD, DVD – by Slovak music publishers. All the artistic steps, technical, economic and legal procedures, which the publisher in collaboration with artist, composer and performer must accomplish in order to qualify for state subsidies, or to become commercially successful, are described and […]

Publikované: Hudobná systematika, Musicologica 1/2008 | Autor: | E-mail

Ľudová hudba v obraze súčasnej doby médiá a domáce hudobné vydavateľstvá po roku 1989

This study covers the state of traditional folk music and classical European music as non commercial genres in a field of audio-visual media. Film, television and internet strongly influenced the taste of the consumer using the way of intensive propagation of commercially successful and economically perspective genre of pop music. This tendency however caused rapid decrease of […]

Publikované: Ľudová hudba, Musicologica 1/2009 | Autor: | E-mail